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Keynote speeches on Strategies of the Serengeti

Exciting! Compelling! Educational!

A speech on the Strategies of the Serengeti will enhance any conference and provide a motivating and memorable keynote speech.

Voice of experience
Stephen Berry is an experienced and energetic speaker who believes in engaging the listener through involvement, humour and pure relevance. He also has academic credibility, practical business experience and in depth knowledge of the Serengeti.

Tailored to you
A variety of speeches are available to enthuse, inspire and engage delegates. All have 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute options to fit in with any conference schedule.


Strategies of the Serengeti
This speech gives an overview of the exciting and dynamic ecosystem of the East African Serengeti, and of the various strategies employed by the animal residents. Everyone will hear a strategy of practical use to them.

Strategies of a chosen animal
The strategies of one animal is explained and applied to business. Perhaps the stealth and ambush of the crocodile, the threat avoidance of the zebra or the co-ordinated attacking strategies of the lions. The strategies are real, the application is practical and the analogies make this speech engaging and memorable.

Lessons in successful strategy
Talks about a pre-agreed range of animal strategies from the book, Strategies of the Serengeti. A hugely practical emphasis ensures that the learning is relevant to implementation in real business.

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