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Answer our questions about your organisation and instantly find out which animal it best resembles. Your on-screen results will explain the similarities with the animal and the advantages and disadvantages of their strategies.

Leading to positive learning and a chance to better your business strategy, this SOS Quiz is just a taster of how much Strategies of the Serengeti has to offer. What are you waiting for?

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Simply rate your organisation using the statements and scales below. Click a circle to indicate which position between the 2 extreme statements best fits your organisation. When you are satisfied with all the answers, submit them using the 'Get results' button below.

We have a very good knowledge of our customers, market and potential customers We have a very poor knowledge of our customers, market and potential customers
We offer a wide range of products and services to our market We specialise in offering a distinct range of products and services to our market
We have a clear and easily understood idea of where we seek to be in 5+ years time We have very little idea of where we are aiming and what ideas we have are poorly communicated
As a business we are 'on the attack' most of the time As a business we are 'under attack' most of the time
We are very knowledgable about our competitors, their strengths and capabilities We have very little knowledgable about our competitors, their strengths and capabilities
We do not generally plan well but will 'sieze' the moment when opportunities arise The organisation is quite procedure driven and will analyse options carefully
Our market perceives us as a 'big player' in our area of activity Our market perceives us as a small specialist 'niche' player
We are often in the 'limelight' through the press and our marketing activities We do not widely communicate our activities or products in the market
We experience a large amount of internal politics between people and departments We are not generally plagued by internal politics, we are all on the same side
We develop lots of new things, some of them work, some don't We generally do not deviate far from the things which our experience has proven work well
When faced with a threat we respond rapidly and decisively When faced with a threat, we often respond too weakly, too slowly or too cautiously
We are leaders in our field and competitors frequently copy our initiatives We are good at spotting other people's initiatives and adapting or improving them
When initiatives do not work, we tend to give up too easily When something is not going to plan, we press on and add greater resource or enthusiasm
We do not pay attention to our internal culture - it just 'happens' We actively pay attention to our internal culture to ensure that it is best for the business
Our organisation is well co-ordinated - we are each aware of our role and the role of others - internal communication is good Our organisation is not well co-ordinated. We often find different people doing the same thing and are unaware of the roles and activities of many

Please answer the following questions that we will use to profile your company. We do not require your personal details and your information will remain anonymous.

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